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Fun with Bible verses

October 9, 2006

Tom told me that he studied Dex’s Bible verse from church with him yesterday, and that he had him laughing so hard Tom was afraid he was going to pee his pants. I asked Dex about it, and he started laughing so hard he could barely talk.

His Bible verse from the weekend was: “Go to all people and make them my believers.”

Tom had him going by changing it to:
“Go to all people and make them…clean their rooms!”

“Go to all people and make them…a sandwich!”

“Go to all people and make them…slightly uncomfortable!”

Hearing Dex repeat the last one while laughing hysterically is one of those things that instantly became an unforgettable memory. I know without a doubt that when I’m eighty I’ll close my eyes and see him at four-almost-five, head thrown back and eyes wet with tears, giggling and saying with his little lisp “…slightly uncomfortable!”

Speaking of eyes wet with tears…



October 5, 2006

Actual Conversations in the Mays Household:
Me:       “So, Monday Night Dinner is this week…I think I’ll make stroganoff, what do you think?”
Tom:    “Sounds good, but none of the men there will be allowed to have any.”
Me:      *dies laughing*