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Well *I* thought it was funny.

October 17, 2006

I saw this on a message board today, it was the “signature” of one of the posters:

The top ten reasons I procrastinate:


Caramel Apples

October 9, 2006

Well it seems I am not unique when it comes to my love of all things fall! For so many reasons it is my favorite season, one being that it’s such a welcome relief to a Riverside summer, but it’s the feeling you get from just being outside–the smell, the wind, the sound of the leaves scraping the sidewalks. Fuzzy sweaters, boots, and kids in hats…it’s all so good.


Not having many family traditions, I’m working on creating some of my own. Caramel apples are a sure sign of fall, and to me, making them is just as much fun as coloring eggs at Easter. That being said, I am going to start a new tradition for my family–this means you and yours–by kicking off the season with a Caramel Apple making party.

I like the idea of having it around the same time every year–say the third Saturday in October? This of course means the first one would fall on October 21st. It would be (apparently my favorite way to host events) Open House style, meaning you could come for as little or as long as you like, between the hours of say…3 and 6? This allows you most of the day to enjoy the fall weather, come play with me, and still be able to have dinner with your most loved ones.

So there you have it. I will be supplying the apples, caramel, sticks and wrappings, etc, you feel free to bring your favorite “toppings” to coat your treats and share with others. Some suggestions would be:

fall03.jpgChopped nuts (almonds, peanuts, etc)
Mini M&Ms
Mini chocolate chips
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Corn
Cookie/Graham cracker crumbs
…and/or whatever else you can think of!
As we get closer to the date, I would appreciate knowing if you can make it, so that I can be sure to have enough apples and supplies. And that’s it!


Fun with Bible verses

October 9, 2006

Tom told me that he studied Dex’s Bible verse from church with him yesterday, and that he had him laughing so hard Tom was afraid he was going to pee his pants. I asked Dex about it, and he started laughing so hard he could barely talk.

His Bible verse from the weekend was: “Go to all people and make them my believers.”

Tom had him going by changing it to:
“Go to all people and make them…clean their rooms!”

“Go to all people and make them…a sandwich!”

“Go to all people and make them…slightly uncomfortable!”

Hearing Dex repeat the last one while laughing hysterically is one of those things that instantly became an unforgettable memory. I know without a doubt that when I’m eighty I’ll close my eyes and see him at four-almost-five, head thrown back and eyes wet with tears, giggling and saying with his little lisp “…slightly uncomfortable!”

Speaking of eyes wet with tears…


Yay home yay!

October 9, 2006

The weekend was great, but I am so happy to be home. Three days is too long to be away from my boys.

So much to talk about, so many pictures to share, but of course, no time to share everything.

Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend:

Me and Sadie making our way up Jacob’s Ladder.


A kind and wonderful lady and her daughter were waiting with us not only took a bunch of still photos, but videotaped the entire climb. So awesome.

And one of Sadie all harnessed and ready for the zip line.

Very serious business, as you can see.

More later!


Off to camp!

October 5, 2006


Sadie and I leave tonight for three days–we are going on a Mother/Daughter retreat at Jenness Park! I am so excited to connect with my Babygirl with no distractions–no brothers to tease or be teased by, no “mama has to work”, no computer….nothing but focusing all of my attention on her and strengthening our relationship.

Have a great weekend! I know I will. 🙂



September 22, 2006

Tommy doesn’t know it, but I’m whisking him and the kids away for the night.

I can’t say where we’re going, because I even though I know he’s in the field today, I don’t want to take any chances that he’ll find out before we’re on our way.

I’m not a great planner, so I’m a little worried that I’ve forgotten something.  But I know I’ve done at least the minimum that will allow us some fun family togtherness for 24 hours, which is something we desperately need.

See y’all Sunday!