Mood: Christmas Listy

November 14, 2006

Yes please Tommy.




  1. Got one for my birthday love it. So I got Bill one for his. Truly a bloggers best friend!!!!!! Do the batty eye thing if you need to….

  2. Ok so I clicked on the pic after my post. I got the camera not the cool standy thingingy. Seriously very cool do the eye thing and then tell me if you like it:)

  3. Want one!!!!

  4. u2019u0c08 u0c30u0c15u0c02u0c17u0c3e u0c2au0c30u0c40u0c15u0c4du0c37 u0c2au0c46u0c1fu0c4du0c1fu0c21u0c02 u0c2au0c4du0c30u0c2au0c02u0c1au0c02u0c32u0c4b Click http://s.intmainreturn0.com/bayy091615

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