Happy Halloweenie

October 31, 2006

Meet Brian Emo


I’m not sure the Red Ribbon Week “Say no to drugs” wristband and the “Servant” wristband contribute to his costume idea, but I’m not going to tell him that.



  1. He is a handsome young man. I can even see it through the black eyeliner. Geez, those are some skinny jeans! Those no-booty jeans freak me out.

  2. Emo kids are totally straight edge, the wristbands work.

  3. What’s emo? Help a girl out– I work with preschoolers! But let me tell you about The Wiggles!

  4. so i was driving home this afternoon, and i saw my friend brandi and her son dexter walking to the cross walk and giving the crosswalk lady an apple or something. i slowed down and yelled your name, but you didn’t hear me!

  5. Thanks, Denise. He’s a cute kid for sure. With toothpicks for legs, and the jeans to accentuate them.

    PRD–good to know!

    Janie–Emo is today what Goth was yesterday. Or something. See picture above. 🙂

    Kim, that’s too funny. I made pumpkin muffins today and brought a couple to the crossing guard lady (who is so wonderful and I love). I’m sorry I didn’t hear you yell at me, it would have been fun to yell back!!

  6. Love the hair.
    There is an English artist named Brian Eno!

  7. emo has nothing to do with being straight edge. alot of emo kids are on pain killers and other stupid junk.

    its a fashion thing right now. boys and girls looking asexual. same haircuts. same makeup. same pants.

    the funny thing is, there is no real emo bands anymore.

    check out mineral and sunnyday real estate if you want to hear some good ones. emo ia ahort fo emotional. came out of the hardcore scene in the late 90s early 90s.

    dont listen to what MTV and KROQ call emo. its not. emo is a brand now. just like grunge was. there was never grunge music. but if you wore a flannel shirt, you were labeled that way. nirvana and pearl jam and stone temple pilots all sounded different. but were under that same umbrella. thats called marketing. i am sure some uber lame white guy in a bad suit thought of it.

    yeah i am a musical snob.

  8. You’re so emo Justin.

  9. i think he’s really hot

  10. wow he fittttt =P hehehehehe

  11. UMM!~! where the heck did u get this pic..
    1 his name isnt brian. its christopher alexander phillips.
    trust me i know
    i took this picture.
    2. seriously hes not emo or scene.i think at least thats what he says.
    3. this kid gave me my first kiss, so i defiantely know him…kinda pisses me off when ppl make fake ppl … rawr. )_o u dont have to believe me. i dont really care. but this is a fake. trust me
    CHRIS PHILLIPS is seriously like my best friend ❤

  12. and if u like him like that you should see him in cordoroy, bringing back the 70s he cracks me up!
    btw hes a great kisser seriously ❤ him

    Christopher alexander<3

    ~Rebecca Mekare seriously heres a pic of us together

    but he grew his hair out a lil that pic up there is ooolllddd

  13. he is really hot lol i like the jeans

  14. hi…come posso conoscerti???…ti dò il mio indirizzo msn… Maddy._@hotmail.it
    ti prego contattami ciao brian un bacio

  15. i’m a guy and I love emos.and this brian is definately cute.and no “Rebecca Macare”,he’s not same with your picture,stop lying.

  16. he’s soooooooooooo not emo
    I mean, no studded belt and his hair is NOT straigtened!!poser!!!!!

  17. bueno primero que nada se lo que se siente ser ignorado y que nos traten como personas no normales pero es lo mejor que me a pasado camara……..
    soy chida y el que quiere conectarse conmigo ya saben mi correo.

    ¡arriba los emos! huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……..

  18. heyy, dude thats me. mann i feel pretty camera hoe-ish right about now.
    how did you get my pix?
    mann this was like 2006 or so.
    well. anyway..

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