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Lost and Found

September 27, 2006

One more thing…

Did anyone leave a car here on Monday night?



September 22, 2006

Tommy doesn’t know it, but I’m whisking him and the kids away for the night.

I can’t say where we’re going, because I even though I know he’s in the field today, I don’t want to take any chances that he’ll find out before we’re on our way.

I’m not a great planner, so I’m a little worried that I’ve forgotten something.  But I know I’ve done at least the minimum that will allow us some fun family togtherness for 24 hours, which is something we desperately need.

See y’all Sunday!


Short hairs.

September 18, 2006

OK I think it’s weird that when you edit a post it updates as if it’s a new one.  Oh well.  I updated this because Tom was confused so I thought maybe I didn’t make much sense.


If I were 25 lbs lighter, I would cut my hair like this again.


(The apology to Brian earlier was because if he sees this picture posted on my blog he is going to be not-thrilled. :))


Please welcome…

September 18, 2006

The newest member of the Mays family:  Tootie Mays


If you don’t get this reference you are too young and that hurts my feelings.


Seriously.  It’s all I can do to get them off of her for school and bed.



September 14, 2006

Playing with WordPress’s image uploading thinger. dexsb01.jpgment.